“If you’re looking to grow your business, yes you can grow your business on your own, but if you want to grow your business faster, get an ActionCOACH.”

Natasha Necati, Co-owner of Crafty Arts

“I met Jamie at a networking event. He was very confident that he could help me with my business. I’m now 26% up on when I met him. I wish I had met Jamie years ago. “

Michelle Bennett, Owner of QuickPAYE

“I’ve been a businessman for about 35 years and I thought I knew everything. It is quite an insight to know that there’s so many things in business which I never knew.”

Harish Patel, Co-owner of Swiss Cell UK

“The success of my business allows me to work less hours, get paid more and become a better person for my family, friends and colleagues – everything anyone could wish for.”

Agnes Fulep, Franchise Owner at Essensuals

“Jamie came on board to give structure to my company. He guided us on how the company should run on a day to day basis. And it has given me terrific clarity. He has really made this company go miles with a year.”

Dhimant Patel, Co-owner of Swiss Cell UK

“Since I’ve been with Jamie, my profits have increased, then cashflow has increased. I have personally grown in confidence in sales techniques, marketing techniques. So far it has been a wonderful journey.”

Prash Patel, Owner of One Click Media Services

“After the first year of working with Jamie, we increased turnover by a staggering 38.5%, up on the previous year. At one point we became the fastest growing salon of Toni & Guy’s Essensuals brand out of 26 salons in the UK.”

Agnes Fulep, Franchisee of Essensuals Borehamwood

“It was a bit of a tough first few months, but once I got into it, I’m really enjoying it. It’s given me loads of confidence and also it’s somebody who I can bounce ideas off. It’s helping to push my business forward a whole new level.”

Michelle Noel, Owner of Noel Studio

“My coach is there for me whenever I need him, and his eye is constantly on growth and stability. When I first heard the fees, I blanked and had serious reservations. I am so happy I took that leap of faith and I haven’t even glanced backwards since.”

Lippy Brenig, Owner of Philip Morrison Construction

“With ActionCOACH, Blind Technique’s turnover has grown by 132%. What’s amazing is that we’ve not even scratched the surface yet! We now need to concentrate on our five-year plan. Due to the extra work, we took on next door’s factory space.”

Richard Pink, Co-owner of Blind Technique

“We are 40% up on sales, which is fantastic. I think a lot of that has to do with the strategies that we’ve put in place as well as the planning. We won the eCommerce award at The Business Excellence Forum, which we’re very proud to have done.”

Natasha and Jay Necati, Co-owners of Crafty Arts

“The growth since I started working with ActionCOACH has been phenomenal – we had over 300% growth in just three months, and added two more fitters and an admin person to the team. There is no way I would have been able to handle this on my own.”

Lippy Brenig, Owner of Philip Morrison Construction

Jamie and I worked together for three months and during that time we’ve achieved 54% growth on last year. Jamie is thorough, experienced and asks the right questions to deal with the key tasks at hand. I would highly recommend him as a business coach.”

Sang Vu, Owner of Hair Definitions

“Jamie was instrumental in our growth from £11 million turnover to £34 million. Our net profit doubled in the first year. I like the fact that the people working for the business seem happy now and they’re really engaged and they want to come to work.”

Michael Mleczko, Owner of Mleczko Delikatesy

“My turnover has gone up by 50% and that started quite early – from about three months I saw the improvements. That continued to go for the whole year, and I’ve had the best year in business I’ve ever had, and it’s really just out of everything that you’ve taught me.”

Irving Boxer, Owner of Stanmore Back Clinic

“Winning the best marketing campaign award at The Business Excellence Forum in front of 1,100 businesses is a really great achievement. Hopefully it’s something I can take back to my team and they’ll be really excited about it, and also a massive thank you to Jamie.”

Michelle Noel, Owner of Studio Noel

“I am a lot less stressed than I was. I needed to relinquish some of my roles because otherwise, I would end up going a little bit mad. (…) We are a family business with all the issues that stem from that. Jamie helped us to focus and become more professional. He pushed us to the next level.”

Michael Mleczko, Owner of Mleczko Delikatesy

“Since working with ActionCOACH we have grown 40% up in sales. We are so much more strategic and we’re currently focusing on the financial side of the business. Just understanding the financials of where we want to take the business and how the processes of us getting it to that next level has really helped us.”

Natasha and Jay Necati, Co-owners of Crafty Arts

“What a year, Jamie! I want to say a big thank you for helping grow my company by 190% and sticking with me when trying to teach me spreadsheets and Xero. I love the new systems you have helped me put in place and made my everyday running of the company so much smoother. Many thanks for everything this year.”

Eva Petersen, Owner of Decorators West London

“Jamie is an excellent business coach and understands all aspects of our business. We’ve been working on activity and we have seen a 200% increase in turnover in the past 12 months. Jamie has a great understanding of business processes, activity and all areas of our business requirements and this has been instrumental to our growth.”

Colin Selway, Owner of First Alliance Financial Services

“I thought maybe it wouldn’t be the done thing for a tough building firm owner to do. I still jumped in. It’s been 20 months that I’ve been working with Jamie and I’ve gone through a great deal of changes. He didn’t only work with me, he came to work with my team and some of the benefits include a 40% growth in our turnover and my hours have reduced by 50%.”

Kevin Nind, Owner of London Building Renovation

“I met people but I just wasn’t finding that I was getting any business from people who needed my services. So I started working with you and it’s just really transformed me completely as a person and transformed my business. So now I’m confident in talking to people, I’m confident in using business strategies and the results of all that is that my turnover is going up by 50%.”

Irving Boxer, Owner of Stanmore Back Clinic

“It’s more than just the best business coaching in the world. It’s getting guidance, personalised constant support, mentoring, training backed by market needs and based on the latest statistics. It’s also about personal development and growth, and people who don’t just look at numbers but recognise and reward the hard work that comes with growing the business. I love it!”

Radek Tober, Owner of RT Builders & Decorators

“Jamie is a hugely committed and driven person who manages every situation with diligence, energy and professionalism. His background in finance has given him a real commercial awareness. He has significantly contributed to a major transformation of our business during his tenure, from multi million pound annual losses to profits.”

Gary Dannatt, COO/CFO of Touch Local

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie over the past four-and-a-half years and have found him, at all times, to be extremely committed, enthusiastic and extremely flexible in rising to new challenges. Over this period, the company transformed into the largest online business directory in the UK. Jamie has played an important part in this success.”

Mark Livingstone, CEO Scoot, co-founder of LoveFilm, former global managing director of LEGO

“We have been working with the Team and have gained a great depth of knowledge, strategy and support! They are very professional and are able to share great ideas that are ready to be implemented to help grow the business faster and effectively! If you want to work towards your goals, this is a worthy investment for your business.”

The team at the Kids in Charge Childcare group

“We have been working with Jamie and the team for nearly a year now, and they have already helped transform our business with their combined depth of knowledge and experience, and unique individual skill sets.”

Rob Copsey , Atlas Flowers.

“I’ve been working with Jamie for a few weeks now, and already I can foresee a very positive and successful future for the business. He provides valued support, genuine guidance and determined encouragement.”

Neil Symonds, Chamonix Holidays, Chamserve Property services

“A great team of awesome people who provide excellent business coaching. “

Jamie Thomson, Thomson Properties

“He never lets go and keep pushing to do the correct thing, always having the clients business in mind.”

Andrew Hager,Abee Hire and Abee Asbestos

“In March I had an overwhelming amount of work to get through spending at least 16 hours a day in front of my screen. My team were also going pushed to the limit.

In just 4 months, I went from working 16 hours a day to around 2 hours max a day. If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to give Jamie a try. Very experienced and intelligent man.

Ohh and my business has grown by more than 300% during this time.”

George Meressa,Clear Ads