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Marketing is the face your company presents to the world. However, if your SME lacks a clear purpose, vision or identity then your marketing efforts are bound to be muddled or even counterproductive. Every day I see companies pouring precious resources into marketing campaigns that flatline. Why does that happen? Because the mission is unclear, the values driving the organisation are known to only a few, or the marketing department is more concerned with glitz than substance. As an experienced marketing agency business coach, I can bring order to your marketing efforts and put more money into your pocket.

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Marketing is the fine art of telling the public what your company is all about. But if you’re not sure yourself, then how do you tell that story effectively? The fact is, many companies have marketing departments that are little more than money pits. They produce expensive, great-looking materials that are technically proficient but as forgettable as a bad movie. A marketing business coach can bring an end to that sorry state of affairs, help you get your marketing efforts on track and return wasted money to your pocket where it belongs.

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I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to improve their business potential and see record profit figures, watch the video on the right to hear from one of my clients in the marketing industry.

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The increase in your gross-profit in just six months of coaching will cover my fees. If it doesn’t despite you putting the work in, you get the £ difference back. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Every company worth its salt is willing to shell out real money to market their products or services for one simple reason: marketing works, if it’s done right. If not, then the marketing department becomes that place your money goes to die. In order to get the most from every pound you send to the marketing department, you need to be keenly aware of who you are and what you provide to potential customers. As an experienced marketing agency business coach, I help you bring your company values into focus and then use what you learn to bring new purpose and direction to your marketing efforts.


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Marketing has taken on added importance in recent years. However, that doesn’t change the fact that your marketing department is still 1 of 2 things: it’s either the wind in your company sails or the anchor holding you back. I say it’s time your marketing finally lived up to its potential, and I can show you how to make it do just that. So call me, Jamie Goral, on 02079932420. Together, we will raise the anchor and set a new course to greater profitability.

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