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Every company no matter how great or small has a unique culture, unique values, and set of guiding principles that underpin it. Without these, it would be a rudderless ship. The problem is that many SMEs are simply unaware of what their particular values, culture and guiding principles are. As a result, their marketing efforts are often confused and ineffective. The marketing coach holds a mirror up to the organisation and helps it find itself.

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I’m Jamie Goral. I help SMEs learn about themselves so they can push past the invisible roadblocks that have been holding them back. My marketing coaching in London is an indispensable tool for companies that are struggling to find their place and tired of disappointing results. My extensive business experience and marketing expertise can put your company on the fast track to success. I provide keen insights into your business, shine a light on hidden strengths, reveal unexplored opportunities, and bring a sense of unity to your marketing efforts.

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I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to improve their business potential and see record profit figures, watch the videos below to hear from some of my clients and discover the opportunities awaiting your business.

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The increase in your gross-profit in just six months of coaching will cover my fees. If it doesn’t despite you putting the work in, you get the £ difference back. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Clear Away the Fog

Businesses that are unaware of their own values, principles and culture often have muddled goals, and this is reflected in their marketing effort. For instance, their marketing may be focused on obtaining X number of new customers by year’s end. When what they really want is fewer, better-paying customers for their service. As a result, they end up spinning their wheels, never gaining the kind of traction that takes them to the next level. My job as a marketing coach is to clear away the fog so that values, culture, products and goals are brought into alignment. Once this occurs, the proper marketing strategy will reveal itself.


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I help companies work smarter, not harder. I help free them from the internal shackles that inhibit productivity and undermine their marketing efforts. And I provide objective insight and fresh ideas that help them build a solid marketing plan going forward. The result is an increase in actionable leads, greater customer retention, and optimal ROI on their marketing budget.

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When the marketing department is firing on all cylinders it tends to pull the rest of the company along with it. Likewise, when the marketing department is treading water the wind goes out of the company sails and both profitability and growth wind up dead in the water. My marketing coaching in London can help get your messaging back on track, produce offers that will be compelling to your preferred customers, and increase profitability.

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The world is on the cusp of an unprecedented boom as economies emerge from the shadow of Covid and kick back into high gear. Make sure your marketing efforts are properly aligned with your long-term goals so you can take advantage of the situation. My marketing coaching can help you do that. Call me today on 02079932420 and start seeing the kind of results you expect from your marketing.

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